Walnut Ridge Cemetery Facilities


Serving the community has always been the goal of the cemetery’s board of trustees. This led to the opening of Clark County’s first mausoleum in 2000, offering not only an alternative to underground burial, but also an attractive, stately place for entombment.

The mausoleum was constructed by Ingram Construction Co., Inc. of Madison, MS, and contains 744 crypts and 256 niches for cremated remains. Indiana Bedford stone graces two ends, while black and white granite covers the other exterior walls. The roof’s gables and skylights cast a soft glow across the interior walkways. An oak-stained beam and deck ceiling gives the open interior a warm look while attractive landscaping surrounds the exterior of the building.

The beauty of the building makes it a welcoming, comforting place for family and friends to visit their loved one’s memorial. Crypts are available along the interior hallways and exterior walls. Vases are available for the mausoleum building to add a more personal touch for the decoration of loved ones’ memorials.

Even with the building’s elegant beauty, mausoleum crypts are affordable, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional burials.

As cremation has become a more sought-after option in recent years, Walnut Ridge Cemetery recently completed a new facility to accommodate the remains of those who choose this alternative. Its thoughtful design and carefully chosen materials perfectly keep with our tradition of beauty and elegance.

We invite you to stop in the office and visit with our staff, pick up a brochure or visit the grounds and see for yourself the beauty of Walnut Ridge Cemetery.