Walnut Ridge Cemetery Policies


Flag Policy

Recognizing that it is desirable to display the United States Flag or other National Flags on gravesites and mausoleum sites, and to ensure that the flags are accorded the respect which they deserve, the following policy is provided:

  • Graves may be decorated on the day preceding a Federal or National holiday. These flags will be removed on the day following said holiday. Flags placed on gravesites at any other time will be removed the following day.
  • When flags are placed on a gravesite, care must be exercised so the flag is placed in such a manner that the flag does not rest on anything such as shrubbery, monuments, etc.
  • Flags placed at the mausoleum may only be displayed in authorized vases attached to the door of crypt or niche. Removal of flags will be as stated above.
  • Flags that are removed by cemetery personnel will be disposed of in accordance with guidelines established by public law and custom.

This policy is intended to guarantee a dignified display of the flag. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Cemetery Rules

  • Artificial flowers, wreaths and decorations are permitted on the ground from Nov. 1 to March 15.
  • Nothing to be planted or replanted on the lots.
  • Decorations are permitted on Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day & will be removed one week after the holiday.
  • No fences, glass bricks, rocks or wood chips around monuments, concrete flower pots or statues other than part of monument.
  • All flowers & decorations must be on the monument. Nothing on ground during grass cutting season.
  • The Cemetery is not responsible for anything placed on lot.
  • No temporary monuments or markers permitted.
  • Fresh cut or artificial flowers are permitted only in cemetery approved containers.

Monument Restrictions

  • Monuments must be constructed of granite or marble only.
  • Monument base sides must be constructed of rough finish (rock-pitch) only.
  • Minimum thickness of base is 6 inches.
  • No in-ground vases permitted.
  • The width of the monument can be no wider than 16 inches.
  • Monuments are to stay at least 6 inches in from each side of the grave/graves.
  • Other monument restrictions could apply, so please call the office please if you have any questions.
  • All monuments are to be set by a monument company and during office hours.
  • Please contact the cemetery office for current foundation costs.
  • All contractors must check in at the office before work can be preformed.
  • All work must be preformed by contractors during office hours 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday and Insurance information is required before work can be preformed.

Mausoleum Rules

  • Flowers or decorations of any kind are not permitted to be hung, glued, taped, wired, or secured in any way to the front of any crypt, except in a cemetery approved vase.
  • Flowers and decorations will be removed and discarded when they become unsightly or if they are placed in violation of cemetery rules.
  • Live flowers may be used during funerals; however, they must be removed immediately after the end of the services. Extreme care must be exercised so that the flowers do not come into contact with the granite doors of the crypts or niches. This can cause a stain that cannot be removed.
  • No ladders or equipment may be used around the mausoleum except By cemetery employees.